A Consistent Measurement of Track Conditions

So I am sitting on the wall at US 131 in Martin Michigan for the ADRL race, waiting for a small clean up on track from some fluids. I see Extreme 10.5 racer Spiro Pappas and tuning guru Don Bailey walk out on the track with some contraption in hand. Spiro plops the device on the surface and then jumps on it with his knees. Is this some new workout machine for racers? When they pulled it off the surface I saw the rubber-like pad on the bottom mixed with the torque wrench on the top, it clicked – someone made a device that measures traction, away with shoe stomping and in with the Track-Meter.

The Track-Meter has been a hot item in the NHRA Top Fuel ranks for a little while, but since I haven’t shot one in a few years, I haven’t seen it. This was the first time I have seen the Track-Meter in the door car ranks. I first called up Grahm Jones, Crew Chief at Sprio Pappas racing, which relayed me over to the man behind the Track-Meter, Larry Wolyniec.

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