Track Meter – Track Surface Analyzer

Years of development and track proven testing have undoubtedly made the Track Meter the most important piece of equipment in any racers arsenal! A precision machined billet aluminum housing, highly durable rubber contact pad and top quality components all combine to form a tool that will withstand the rough environment of the race track.

To aid in analyzing the new data your Track Meter will provide, easy to use software is included with your Track Meter. Keep records of track surface data at every timing increment, with details such as time, temp, and lane. Build your track database faster with more reliable data & with graphical run by run comparisons be able to gauge the tracks “bite”.

Track Meter Features:

Reduce variation for more consistent run performance
Build your track database with more reliable & consistent data
6061-T6 billet construction for strength and lasting durability
Proudly Made In The USA

List Price: $1600.00
Online Price: $1520.00