Forums: NHRA (John Force Team) using some type of durometer at the track?

So just prior to any Team Force car running at the Summit Nationals this past weekend one of the crew members would walk out onto the starting line with this funky piece of equipment. None of the other teams were using one of these either…

IMG_6152It was “L” shaped with a couple of wings on the bottom you would stand on to hold the tool down tight or flat against the track surface and I believe a reading is taken via a dial gauge. The device was then picked up and “wound” once or twice via the handle on top. Then placed in a different location and another reading taken. Never seen this before… anyone know for sure what’s being measured here? It’s not track temperature because they had handheld digital infrared devices they were using for that. I’m thinking it either measured the hardness, thickness, or the stickyness of the track. What do you guys think?

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