Track Meter is the Best Tool for accurately measuring current track conditions. Period.


    Tough Tracks: Using The Tools At Hand To Get Down Any Surface

    Drag strips dot the landscape of the United States — North to South and East...

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    Track Meter And How It’s Changing a Crew Chief’s Tune

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    Tommy Johnson Jr., with his Track Meter track surface analyzer under one arm and writing...

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  • We’ve never before had a tool that we could use for checking the racing surface like this, so we definitely look at track readings in a different way now that we can utilize this piece of equipment. If we didn’t have this piece, we couldn’t be as accurate. Every decision we made about the race track would be a personal opinion, and not a solid number.

    Lanny Maglizzi

    JFR Track Specialist

  • I really use the Track Meter a lot, because if the track is starting to go away, that little meter is going to alert me quicker then I can determine it by watching cars spin the tires.

    Tyler Crossnoe

    Promoter / Track Prep Specialist